Strategic Donations

In support of the social services delivery challenges being experienced by governments in Southern Africa,
Sesego Cares also supports other strategic projects to help create better living conditions for poor communities.
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Donations, volunteerism and in-kind support

A lot has been achieved from financial donations made by friends of Sesego Cares and it has been comforting to come to the
realisation that the greatest value to projects is secured from individual and corporate volunteerism and in in-kind support.
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Donate at no cost to you

MySchool MyVillage MyPlant CardYou can contribute to the Sesego Cares initiative by
applying for your MySchool MyVillage MyPlant card.
When buying at Woolworths and other listed retail stores such as Toys R Us, a percentage of the value of your transactions will be
donated to Sesego Cares at no cost to you. All you have to do is to apply for a card (may take a while to load) and select Sesego
Cares as a beneficiary. Click here to apply